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Our Objectives

The “German Economic Team Belarus” (GET Belarus) provides independent advice to the Belarusian Government and its institutions since 2003. The dialogue on economic policies aims at supporting the transition process of the Belarusian economy and is drawing upon German and international experience.

GET Belarus is in close dialogue with civil society and international organisations.

In addition, GET Belarus provides the German government, German companies and other interested organizations with know-how and detailed information on the economic situation in Belarus.

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GET Belarus is part of the regional project “High-level government consultation on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Energy”, which includes also Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. All of these projects are implemented by Berlin Economics.


Edition 59/2019

External factors dampen economic growth

Edition 58/2019

Banking sector weighed down by legacy of state-led lending

Edition 57/2019

Belarus-Russia: where are current tensions leading?


Policy Briefing 04/2019

Financial Sector Monitor Belarus 2019

Policy Briefing 03/2019

The Hypothetical Monopolist Test. A concept for market definition

Policy Briefing 02/2019

Building a venture capital sector in Belarus: State participation, tax incentives and accelerators


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